Play or Practice?


Play or Practice? Many players in the game don’t understand if practicing or playing will benefit their golf games most.  Many also don’t understand what areas of the game to focus upon when they do practice.  It is a large reason we witness so many golfers spending countless hours hitting full shots and few playing frequently or practicing putting and….

A Great Teacher Every Golfer Has

Most golfers do not realize they always have access to one of the best teachers in the game.  This teacher is never wrong and will always lead golfers into the right direction if understood properly.  This teacher is a golfer’s divot, ball flight, and contact upon the clubface.  When golfers learn how to interpret and understand their ball flights, divots,….

Who Needs Basics?….Why Basics Are Important


Why Basics Are Important   A player’s basics are the elements of a player’s setup.  These elements consist of a player’s grip, alignment, ball position, posture, distance from the ball, stance width, and tension levels.  All of these elements influence what happens in the golf swing, and therefore all have an influence on ball flight and contact. I know that….