My teaching approach developed from knowledge gained from many individuals.  These individuals include the staffs from the golf schools where I taught and from hundreds of teachers and performance coaches in the game.  It developed from years studying the techniques and games of professional players from around the world and from the game’s history. To all of these individuals, thank you.

I approach golf instruction with a holistic approach to the game. I want players to experience improvement in multiple areas of the game.  Although the golf swing is an important part of golf, it is just that, one part of becoming a better player.  Far too many golfers focus solely on that one component, while often neglecting other areas that would aid them in improving scoring.  A high level of play is dependent upon an array of factors including ball striking, short-game, and putting ability.  As well as the mental, practice, playing, and tournament skills essential to becoming a better player.

To understand how I approach instruction in specific areas of the game, read the descriptions listed under the approaches tab on the homepage.