Online Lessons


If you are interested in submitting your golf footage for online analysis, please read the information below.


Placement of the video camera is very important for swing analysis and online lessons.  The video camera should be placed in the same way for each and every swing.  The placement, distance from player, and height of the video camera all influence appearance of the player’s setup, club, arms, and body movements, and the appearance of the swing path itself.

For down-the-line filming, Peter believes filming chest high and down the target line (on line with the golf ball and the target) is most consistent, as well as being at least 20 feet from the player.  For face-on filming, Peter prefers a chest high tripod height, a placement perpendicular to the target line and in line with the golf ball, and being at least 10-20 feet from the player.  Because of differences seen in address positions and alignments of players, Peter feels filming in this manner is most consistent.  Peter learned this from his time with Carl Welty and the Jim Mclean Golf Schools.

To hear Peter’s thoughts on your technique through on-line lessons, use the guidelines described above to film yourself.   Peter has inserted photos that show how the player should be framed in the video camera screen.  This will help you properly center the player on the screen with the appropriate amount of camera zoom after the tripod is placed correctly.  It will also help ensure the camera is leveled correctly.  Peter also shows a frame of a student’s grip.




Please send Peter two down-the-line clips, two face-on clips, and a clip of your grip.  Before you film yourself, make sure your camera’s shutter speed is set at 1/2000 or higher.  When you are ready to send clips, click on the Online Lessons section on the homepage.  You will be taken to the Peak Potential Golf website, an online game development website where you will have the option to join and submit footage for technique analysis (there is an additional fee for technique analysis after becoming a website member).

After reviewing your clips and reading your questionnaire, Peter will send back a video lesson.  In this video lesson, he will explain the parts of your swing that are affecting your ball flight and contact.  He will visually show you these areas with the help of using tools in the teaching software.   Peter will then show ways you can improve these motions by directing you to the drills needed to help you improve and explain the types of practice which will benefit you most.


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