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Developing Speed While Young

10 March, 2014 no responses

Developing Speed While Young             Certain junior years for a player are critical in developing speed. For juniors, learning to swing the club with speed and quickness while young will benefit their entire future golfing careers.  I have heard many adults in the game tell junior players to “swing easier”.  For juniors this is the opposite of what they should….

Competitive Demeanor and Attitude

17 January, 2014 no responses

Competitive Demeanor and Attitude A tournament week reveals the realist look into a player’s mental strength.  A player’s demeanor and attitude prior to, during, and just after tournaments reveals the most realistic look into their mental strength and level of ability.  Vast differences are seen in players who succeed under pressure and players who struggle under pressure. Important tournament weeks….

Inner Arrogance

15 October, 2013 no responses

Inner Arrogance             All great competitive golfers have inner arrogance.  These golfers have extreme amounts of inner belief; internally they are cocky.  Inside their minds, they believe they are great, a substantial competitor, someone to be reckoned with.   Great competitive golfers play to win, they are not afraid.  They are golfers who win under pressure. I mentioned cocky “internally”.   Although….

The Backswing’s Purpose

21 August, 2013 no responses

The Backswing’s Purpose   The relevance of many movements in a player’s backswing should be largely dependent upon their current downswing movements and ball striking characteristics.  Compared to the downswing, there are many more differences seen in the backswings among tour professionals.  A great deal of uniqueness is seen in the backswings of some of the best golfers to ever….

The Power of Sitting and Thinking

5 July, 2013 no responses

The Power of Sitting and Thinking             The power of sitting and thinking, it is a logical and meaningful task many great players undertake.  It’s unfortunately a task most other golfers never undertake.  Sitting down and thinking critically about one’s game can be extremely helpful, especially in moments of struggle.  Sitting down and thinking critically about cause and effect often….

Memories of Great Players

31 May, 2013 no responses

Memories of Great Players             Much can be learned about great golfers’ mindsets from the memories they keep and the memories they forget.  Strong similarity exists in this area among the greatest to ever play.  In fact, memories golfers hold onto greatly contribute to their abilities to recover from times of struggle.  Remember, every player in the game encounters periods….

The Benefits of Being Neutral

23 April, 2013 no responses

The Benefits of Being Neutral Many tour players play straight ball flights, many play draws, many play fades, and many play combinations of each on all of the top tours around the world.  This being said, the movements seen with their clubs from halfway down to halfway through in their downswings are often quite similar.  The reason is because the….

A Powerful Combination

20 March, 2013 no responses

A Powerful Combination Beginning short game development while young combined with significant practice dedication is an extremely powerful combination in the game of golf.  Beginning to work on the short game at a young age is very powerful and important in itself.  Dedicating the majority of practice time towards the short game is just as powerful and important.  Unfortunately the….

Mechanics and Feel

18 February, 2013 no responses

Mechanics and Feel   If you have been around the game for awhile, you have probably heard some golfers described as being “feel” players and others as more “mechanical” players.  These descriptions do have merit and will influence how golfers learn, practice, and play their best. Feel players like to learn, practice, and play with a focus on general rhythm….

Helping Juniors

14 January, 2013 no responses

“When Helping Juniors, Say Less… & Watch More”   This quote is something that the famous player and teacher Claude Harmon use to say and something that I have come to agree with immeasurably throughout the years.  Claude’s son Butch talked about his father’s belief in the importance of teaching juniors this way in Butch’s book The Pro, a wonderful….