Helping Juniors

“When Helping Juniors, Say Less… & Watch More”   This quote is something that the famous player and teacher Claude Harmon use to say and something that I have come to agree with immeasurably throughout the years.  Claude’s son Butch talked about his father’s belief in the importance of teaching juniors this way in Butch’s book The Pro, a wonderful….

The Power of Sitting and Thinking

The Power of Sitting and Thinking   The power of sitting and thinking, it is a logical and meaningful task many great players undertake.  It’s unfortunately a task most other golfers never undertake.  Sitting down and thinking critically about one’s game can be extremely helpful, especially in moments of struggle.  Sitting down and thinking critically about cause and effect often….

Occasional Teaching vs. Coaching

Occasional Teaching vs. Coaching A debate has grown in recent years, the debate of which is better for golfers between occasional teaching and extensive coaching of players.  In past times, not long ago, almost all golf instruction was applied through the occasional teaching principle. In fact, the majority of golf instruction today is still undertaken through this type of structure. ….