Golf Club Fitting




Custom Golf Club Fitting Session What makes a golf club fitting in Denver with Peter different than other golf club fitters in Colorado?

First and foremost, Peter’s job is to make you a better golfer, not sell you a set of clubs. As a premier instructor and golf club fitter in Denver, Colorado; Peter understands how different club characteristics effect your motion and is diligent and precise at determining what you need.  Peter carries no golf club inventory and sells only custom fitted golf clubs for two reasons. First, he believes no golfer is “standard” and every golfer can benefit from a top caliber golf club fitting. Secondly, Peter believes custom clubs shouldn’t cost a penny more than their “standard” counterparts, so the build/shipping time is the only sacrifice you’ll have in making sure your clubs are built just for you.

Peter uses the most advanced fitting technology and tools of any fitter in the Denver area. Your golf club fitting in Denver will take place at one of the only locations in the state that has both the finest indoor and outdoor fitting technology, which offers you the opportunity to get fit while confirming your ball flight outdoors off actual turf grass.  Included in your club fitting in Denver, on top of using basic shaft analyzers, loft and lie machines, and swing weight scales, Peter will use one of the few TrackMan launch monitors in Colorado, an AboutGolf PGA Tour Simulator with 3Trak Launch monitor, and fitting equipment and clubs lines for Callaway, Titleist, Ping, Taylormade, and Mizuno.

Finally, Peter is partnered with the best club builders in Denver, and if you want to take your fit to the next level and make sure all your clubs are frequency matched and precisely weighted, Peter will make it happen for a fraction of the price many other nationally well recognized club fitters would charge.

Custom Golf Club Fitting: $120.00

Club Evaluation:  $50

Loft / Lie Check, Alteration:  $5 / Club

Re-Gripping Services:  $3.5 / Club + Grip

Trackman Personal Usage: $50 / Hour