The Benefits of Being Neutral

The Benefits of Being Neutral Many tour players play straight ball flights, many play draws, many play fades, and many play combinations of each on all of the top tours around the world.  This being said, the movements seen with their clubs from halfway down to halfway through in their downswings are often quite similar.  The reason is because the….

A Powerful Combination

A Powerful Combination Beginning short game development while young combined with significant practice dedication is an extremely powerful combination in the game of golf.  Beginning to work on the short game at a young age is very powerful and important in itself.  Dedicating the majority of practice time towards the short game is just as powerful and important.  Unfortunately the….

Mechanics and Feel

Mechanics and Feel   If you have been around the game for awhile, you have probably heard some golfers described as being “feel” players and others as more “mechanical” players.  These descriptions do have merit and will influence how golfers learn, practice, and play their best. Feel players like to learn, practice, and play with a focus on general rhythm….