Developing Speed While Young

Developing Speed While Young             Certain junior years for a player are critical in developing speed. For juniors, learning to swing the club with speed and quickness while young will benefit their entire future golfing careers.  I have heard many adults in the game tell junior players to “swing easier”.  For juniors this is the opposite of what they should….

Competitive Demeanor and Attitude

Competitive Demeanor and Attitude A tournament week reveals the realist look into a player’s mental strength.  A player’s demeanor and attitude prior to, during, and just after tournaments reveals the most realistic look into their mental strength and level of ability.  Vast differences are seen in players who succeed under pressure and players who struggle under pressure. Important tournament weeks….

Inner Arrogance

Inner Arrogance             All great competitive golfers have inner arrogance.  These golfers have extreme amounts of inner belief; internally they are cocky.  Inside their minds, they believe they are great, a substantial competitor, someone to be reckoned with.   Great competitive golfers play to win, they are not afraid.  They are golfers who win under pressure. I mentioned cocky “internally”.   Although….