When studying top golfers, there are similar qualities seen, but also significant differences.  Every golfer should not be forced into the same mold.  The game of golf has progressed throughout the decades into a game where many teachers and players are becoming obsessed with mechanics, technique, and technology.  Many theories are found in the world of golf instruction, theories describing so-called superior movements, strategies, and thoughts processes that every golfer should copy.  This is just not the case.  The opposite is proven when golf from the game’s best is studied and examined.  There are aspects that are essential to good golf; there are also many idiosyncrasies which can be left alone, if not celebrated.  I have and will continue to spend a great deal of time in the analytical study of the greatest players to ever play the game, searching for both similarities and differences.  I have built on my knowledge from years of teaching experience and from learning from hundreds of top teachers in the game.  These teachers helped me develop other skills involved in giving great instruction.

To see how I approach specific areas of the game, read my approaches for each area.  This will give you an overall understanding of how I approach instruction in ball striking, the short game, putting, and the on-course aspects that comprise the game.