The Backswing’s Purpose

The Backswing’s Purpose   The relevance of many movements in a player’s backswing should be largely dependent upon their current downswing movements and ball striking characteristics.  Compared to the downswing, there are many more differences seen in the backswings among tour professionals.  A great deal of uniqueness is seen in the backswings of some of the best golfers to ever….

The Power of Sitting and Thinking

The Power of Sitting and Thinking             The power of sitting and thinking, it is a logical and meaningful task many great players undertake.  It’s unfortunately a task most other golfers never undertake.  Sitting down and thinking critically about one’s game can be extremely helpful, especially in moments of struggle.  Sitting down and thinking critically about cause and effect often….

Memories of Great Players

Memories of Great Players             Much can be learned about great golfers’ mindsets from the memories they keep and the memories they forget.  Strong similarity exists in this area among the greatest to ever play.  In fact, memories golfers hold onto greatly contribute to their abilities to recover from times of struggle.  Remember, every player in the game encounters periods….