Inner Arrogance

Inner Arrogance

            All great competitive golfers have inner arrogance.  These golfers have extreme amounts of inner belief; internally they are cocky.  Inside their minds, they believe they are great, a substantial competitor, someone to be reckoned with.   Great competitive golfers play to win, they are not afraid.  They are golfers who win under pressure.

I mentioned cocky “internally”.   Although these players may not voice these beliefs to others, they definitely exist in their minds and hearts.  Having strong beliefs, while not voicing them, is a powerful way to compete in this game.  Voicing strong beliefs about oneself can lead to creating more internal pressure, a result of feeling they need to justify their spoken beliefs by achieving them.   This is why having strong self belief, but not voicing it is so powerful.   It creates high confidence levels with low public and internal pressure.  I assure you, this is powerful.  Never assume soft spoken and quiet golfers are not arrogant about themselves and their ability.  These quiet golfers might be tenaciously cocky and ruthless internally.  They might realize not voicing this arrogance makes it even stronger.  These are the golfers to watch out for; there are many great competitive golfers who fit this bill.

How high are levels of inner arrogance?  Through what lengths does inner arrogance exist?  All top competitive golfers have high degrees of inner arrogance, often even during times of struggle.  These golfers know how good they are, and acknowledge times of struggle as unusual phases which will eventually disappear.  Top golfers feel high degrees of inner arrogance before competition, during competition, and in high pressure situations.  I am not saying these golfers don’t get nervous, because almost all golfers do, including the world’s best.  The difference is they have high confidence, even during nervous moments.  This is much different for golfers with low self belief; for these golfers, times of nerves often lower levels of confidence.

How do I know top competitive golfers have high inner confidence?  I know this for a few reasons.   Many have shared these beliefs to people close to them, such as friends, family, coaches, and sports psychologists.  One can also sense their strong self belief through listening to press conferences and interviews.  Although these golfers may not specifically voice their beliefs, it can often be felt through how they answer and defer questions.  It can be sensed through their body language and overall demeanors.  They walk and play with an aura of confidence.

If you want to play to your own highest potential, inner arrogance and confidence is a fundamental aspect you must acquire.  Remember, though it’s best to not voice these feelings to others, having them internally is essential to reaching your highest potential.  I want you to become the most arrogant golfer you can be, as arrogant as possible, just keep the arrogance to yourself.

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