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The Power of Sitting and Thinking

19 December, 2012 no responses

The Power of Sitting and Thinking   The power of sitting and thinking, it is a logical and meaningful task many great players undertake.  It’s unfortunately a task most other golfers never undertake.  Sitting down and thinking critically about one’s game can be extremely helpful, especially in moments of struggle.  Sitting down and thinking critically about cause and effect often….

Occasional Teaching vs. Coaching

6 November, 2012 no responses

Occasional Teaching vs. Coaching A debate has grown in recent years, the debate of which is better for golfers between occasional teaching and extensive coaching of players.  In past times, not long ago, almost all golf instruction was applied through the occasional teaching principle. In fact, the majority of golf instruction today is still undertaken through this type of structure. ….

Play in Pressure to Succeed in Pressure

31 July, 2012 no responses

Play in Pressure to Succeed in Pressure To become successful at playing under pressure, golfers need to play in pressure frequently.  In fact, playing under pressure frequently is one of the best things golfers can do obtain future tournament success.  It is something every great player realizes, something vital in competing at the highest levels.  Golfers often ask me how….

Greenside Bunker Shots

31 May, 2012 no responses

Greenside Bunker Shots   I am going to discuss the popular subject of greenside bunker shots.  I have become quite amused with greenside bunker shots throughout my years in the golf business after seeing the many ways taught by teachers and top players.  My amusement evolved after seeing the fear of bunkers many golfers experience.  Many players don’t have the….

Playing Golf vs. Playing Golf Swing

29 April, 2012 no responses

Playing Golf vs. Playing Golf Swing Many individuals becoming so immersed in technique I would describe them as playing golf swing instead of playing golf.  Let me stress one point right off the bat, great golf scores are shot by playing golf, not by playing golf swing.  Remember this, don’t ever forget it.  Golf is scored by getting the golf….

Play or Practice?

15 April, 2012 no responses

Play or Practice? Many players in the game don’t understand if practicing or playing will benefit their golf games most.  Many also don’t understand what areas of the game to focus upon when they do practice.  It is a large reason we witness so many golfers spending countless hours hitting full shots and few playing frequently or practicing putting and….

Short Game Instruction

4 April, 2012 no responses

Greatly improve your scrambling ability around greens

Instruction for Top Competitive Players

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One of Peter’s greatest passions is helping top competitive players reach their goals

Junior Instruction for All Levels and Ages

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Junior instruction for all levels and ages

A Great Teacher Every Golfer Has

28 March, 2012 no responses

Most golfers do not realize they always have access to one of the best teachers in the game.  This teacher is never wrong and will always lead golfers into the right direction if understood properly.  This teacher is a golfer’s divot, ball flight, and contact upon the clubface.  When golfers learn how to interpret and understand their ball flights, divots,….