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Who Needs Basics?….Why Basics Are Important

5 November, 2011 no responses

Why Basics Are Important   A player’s basics are the elements of a player’s setup.  These elements consist of a player’s grip, alignment, ball position, posture, distance from the ball, stance width, and tension levels.  All of these elements influence what happens in the golf swing, and therefore all have an influence on ball flight and contact. I know that….

The Importance of Speed

4 November, 2011 no responses

The Importance of Speed How important is speed in playing at the top levels in today’s game?  I cannot stress the importance of speed enough for playing an elite level of golf.  The majority of tour professionals and top players have much more speed in their swings than most golfers realize.  The average club head speed with a driver on….

Putting Lessons in Colorado

1 November, 2011 no responses

Putting Lessons in Colorado How important is putting in becoming a top player? It is commonly described as the biggest decider in tournament victories on top tours. It is often the tour professionals that putt best who take home trophies, big paychecks, and move up in rankings. Conversely, putting dramatically hurts scoring when at a low level. Players will not….

Putting Instruction and Personalized Putter Fittings

29 March, 2011 no responses

The Putting Stroke, Green Reading, Speed and Distance Control, and Putter Fittings

Clubfitting Services of the Highest Caliber

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Professional clubfitting with the games best club lines and Trackman technology

Personally Tailored Teaching Approach

3 April, 2010 no responses

Peter’s golf instruction is personally tailored to each individual student